1. Screaming Eagle
  2. Wherever there are words there is material for checklist
  3. BIG WIGS Golden Ponds Dinner Show
  4. Ava DuVernay
  5. Bean Pie
  6. Joyce Mansour
  7. Sick or Angry
  8. A truth for each context
  9. dadabusinesssmalltalkshit
  10. HELP is a prayer
  11. What are you going to do with it
  12. Sue Eko
  13. Reclaim Anger
  14. The roots determine the route
  15. fleeting and deliberate
  16. The end has many sounds
  17. The wrong incubator will consume your solitude and eat you alive
  18. The British Museum
  19. Limitation of the instrument
  20. MisEducation is no mistake
  21. We will have to prepare for the fully human being again
  22. Unleashing strategy
  23. You`ll never get those words back
  24. Public executions are pledges of allegiance
  25. If they fear your vote – vote
  26. What it kills to grow in
  27. The first step America is to admit you have a problem
  28. I love a poem that needs more than one poet
  29. The appetite grows for what it feeds on – Ida B. Wells
  30. Electoral College
  31. Get rid of – I think therefore I am
  32. Borders are off the map
  33. Degrees