1. Disposable surveillance
  2. Mean pinched bitter evil faces
  3. Anger needs discipline and focus
  4. rare vintage
  5. preparation notes
  6. Always watch out for the true believers
  7. Mommy!
  8. Kill it while it`s alive
  9. Because what is given can be quickly taken away
  10. doing nothing
  11. He flooded the net with himself
  12. I am comfortable excluding your reality
  13. I`m gonna need more paper
  14. Henry needs his privacy
  15. Back in the box Grace
  16. I`m so proud of us
  17. We were seeds
  18. unspeakable triggers
  19. Feed the awakening well
  20. Take the definitions back
  21. premise and context
  22. Long birth of a poem
  23. When Christianity is no longer useful to power it will be discarded
  24. Outlawed rituals
  25. Good citizens are the last to know
  26. fuck holidays
  27. state sponsored holiday celebration
  28. magnetic fields
  29. gravity flip
  30. you don`t know how to think about it
  31. This reality is the definition of mental illness
  32. The dream is the telling of the dream
  33. Degrees