Checklist by Fork Burke

  1. I gave birth in two languages
  2. Too many words for flavor
  3. Structure that helps follow the idea
  4. remote control dream
  5. Ask the cucumbers
  6. Discomfort is one of the last pleasures
  7. Where in the body is religion located
  8. A missed shot
  9. Pursuit of a temporary fix
  10. The Fuckin Rabbit
  11. The food we eat gives the energy back to the wine
  12. Once a year I find a wallet
  13. Liquid Rock
  14. People are the ultimate fiction
  15. full skin contact for texture and territorial identity
  16. How have you trained yourself
  17. It`s not the evil it`s the permission
  18. all they be left with is fuckin their cousins and eatin squirrels
  19. Places of sacred orgasmic known knowns
  20. You gotta get your hands on it – get the written record and insert a little part of yourself
  21. I seek no permission no equality
  22. Nestled in Zermatt
  23. Observation changed me too
  24. Destroy it before they let you have it
  25. A sense of terror
  26. Less Unreadable
  27. You have to say yes twice
  28. Bifocal Foundation
  29. Each step is a question Fed and Formed
  30. YES
  31. You want me to collaborate with my own demise
  32. HA!
  33. degrees