Circuit Gaze – podcast by Jamika Ajalon and Fork Burke – In conversation with Nancy, a young queer WOC, francophone, who is currently awaiting the results of a judiciary decision. Police arrested her for allegedly breaking the ‘l’outrage’ law, against expressing contempt to an police officer, after her attendance at a gillet noir protest. Her arrest, unfortunately, is far from an anomaly when comes to POC in France, (disproportionately) . What’s also important about her story is her road to politicization, which included her time in the states during some of the most turbulent years in recent US history : between 2014 (which saw the Ferguson riots and the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement) until 2017, one year after the (non)election of the 45th US president .

Circuit Gaze is all about radical convergence– we connect narratives across borders in order to nurture each others agency.

Mercredi 13.11 20:00 Alvin Lucier ‘I am sitting in a room’ (1969), version en anglais par Fork Burke Jacques Demierre, voix/Anouck Genthon, violon

Vendredi 1.11 20:00 Doro Schürch, action, voix et mégaphone Dimanche 10.11. 15:00-18:00 John Cage ‘Musicircus’ (1967), Un happening de 3 heures où musiciens, performeurs, poètes, solistes, groupes, etc. se produisent simultanément dans le même endroit;  Les spectatrices et spectateurs se faisant leur propre vision selon le chemin choisi au travers de cette performance collective joyeuse et anarchique! […]

Vernissage 33

25 octobre 2019, 19h: Double vernissage: Forke Burke « 33 » // Claude Gigon ‘Animals’ La poétesse biennoise Fork Burk et l’artiste jurassien Claude Gigon sortent deux nouveaux livres aux éditions Haus am Gern

I NEVER READ Edition Haus am Gern @ I Never Read Art Book Fair Basel 2019 @ Kaserne Basel June 12 – 15, 2019 Opening reception:  Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 6 pm – 10 pm Opening hours: Thursday and Friday 3 pm – 9 pm// Saturday noon – 7 pm The fair is free and open to the public […]

Third House 14.06.2019 21:00 Free jazz and spoken word Third House est le fruit de la rencontre entre la musicienne Armelle Scholl et la poétesse Fork Burke. Leurs inspirations communes pour le free jazz et la poésie des années 60-70 les ont réunies. Le résultat, un message brut engagé et bouillonnant, soutenu par des formations musicales […]

MEND Zoe Darling with reading by Fork Burke 9 May 2019 LOKAL-INT Hugistrasse 3, 2502 Biel, Switzerland