Checklist #33

Haus am Gern published 5 editions of Checklist #33 and now all 5 are available

To do Text – gesture for gesture, character for character to a valid text_moment – transFORMing WORDs into LANGUAGE by obliterating the SCRIPTURE – between a speech and a mute being … sphere of testimony – taking something out, taking it away and adding something . .. and it doesn’t fit exactly … 1-33 is the checklist long and arises after two, maybe three rules …- Words, whole sentences and fragments – own, heard, written, read, thought of, found and flown to – recognized as writable …- listed in a period from a few moments to long moments and small eternities – and the last line leading further and beyond is always … 33 degrees.
Alex Herzog

See the link for all editions – It was and is a deep knowing through the emerging and unfolding of

this work –